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Real Estate


your independent real estate navigators

We are business consultants for real estate strategies and efficient solutions for real estate economic operations. In the role of interdisciplinary partners, we support our clients in national and international projects. Our expertise is based on more than 20 years of experience in the development of real estate values and investments. We navigate your real estate.

UNIVERSAL acts independently in the diverse field of real estate investments and performance to disinvestment solutions. Our independence gives us the flexibility to implement optimal strategies.

As consultants and interim managers for practical solutions, we assume responsible design and implementation at an operational level. And we bring all the necessary skills with us – for the preparation, redevelopment and restructuring of real estate economic projects.

Our range of services combines all segments in the real estate industry – from real estate developers and stockholders to investors and portfolio managers. We also provide intervention solutions for banks, consultants and insolvency administrators.


we create sustainable added value

UNIVERSAL combines the know-how and many years of experience of real estate specialists. In their positions as Board members, Managing Directors, Portfolio or Investment Managers of renowned real estate companies and investment companies, they know all the markets, possibilities and methods.

We will guide you to your individually-structured real estate solution. Our focus is always on the sustainable development, security and optimization of your real estate assets. The investments and developments of commercial, industrial and residential properties are individually controlled, while addressing all the economic, technical, legal, and user-related specifics.

According to individual requirements, our project teams are composed of experts from all relevant fields. They solve complex tasks, navigating each project and each transaction safely through all disciplines.

The focus on assets and asset objectives

Your complex investment goals are our benchmark. At corporate and portfolio level as well as in the concentrated management of individual properties. We optimize all assets with absolute flexibility and precision.

Solutions for development, optimization, recovery

We accompany project and stock developments from conception to completion – and the same applies to conversions and the recovery of non-business-critical land from owner-occupants, e.g. in the restructuring and redevelopment of companies. In construction project management, we specialize in providing continuation and completion solutions, thus avoiding a stoppage during the construction phase… the worst case scenario for investors and banks.

„All hands on deck“

In an interdisciplinary and committed process, we steer your projects at corporate and individual property level – in a transparent and audit-proof manner. To this end, we bring in experts from all relevant fields.


Navigation guidelines for success

We share our goal of perfect results with our clients. Our work is based on four philosophical core sets, which ensure the best results.

Partnership: Always at our client’s side, we stand for responsible implementation and the best possible result. This can only be achieved through collaborative and inspiring effort. For this reason, we maintain a respectful and cooperative relationship with clients and with business and network partners.

Responsibility: Our sense of responsibility is reflected in our references, but also by what we do and how we do it – we are fully committed to the client and his real estate values, from the initial meeting throughout the entire project phase and right through to completion.

Transparency: At UNIVERSAL, transparency is a sign of competence: The more open and transparent both sides’ communication of goals, intentions and worksteps is, the better the project results will be. In this way, we develop our projects – with the highest level of personal commitment.

Control: We are always keen to meet the quality demands of our clients, just as we strive to meet and surpass our own equivalents. This is why our projects are subject to constant quality and risk management procedures.


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