The clients of UNIVERSAL Real Estate Associates have great confidence in the company. Perhaps because the Managing Partners have more than 20 years experience? Or perhaps because they successfully manage real estate and transactions with a volume of around 9 billion Euros? Or maybe it’s because they see clients as partners, with whose cooperation the best results can be achieved? Possibly – but one certainty is because we never disappoint trust placed in us.

Discretion is one of the inalienable values of the client relationship. We’ll be delighted to give you references in a personal conversation and at this point, we ask for your understanding that we cannot publicly display the projects and transactions of our clients. We have, however, requested them to say something about us…

“Henry Ford delivered this quote:
Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, and working together is success.
This is exactly what describes the partnership between UNIVERSAL and Bethmann Bank:
True cooperation, with benefit of both sides.”

Sascha Bästlein
Senior Director, Bethmann Bank AG

“In our cooperation with UNIVERSAL, the path is already a goal. The project realizations are always constructively critical and stringent. This facilitates the project flow and leads quickly to project completion.”

Enver Büyükarslan
Managing Director, EB GROUP

“During project development, it’s always about vision… i.e. sustained success in several disciplines. It’s this aspiration that links us to UNIVERSAL.”

Hanns Kastner
Managing Director, Artprojekt Ent­wick­lun­gen GmbH

“UNIVERSAL proves that it has an unerring sense for the “big picture”, a holistic approach for each project. The result is an inspiring and fruitful collaboration that always leads to a successful solution.”

Dr. Stefan Proske
Partner, Wirtschaftskanzlei Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek

“Different solutions are possible for every project. Like sparring partners, our companies question and inspire one another until both sides recognize that the concept is optimal in all its details. The implementation is characterized by efficient routine, particularly regarding the ongoing monitoring of all technical and economic parameters by UNIVERSAL. We have learned to really appreciate Real Estate Associates as outstanding cooperation partners.”

Udo Sauter
Managing Director, Porr Deutschland GmbH

“Ground and land are immutable values. And I can say nothing else about our cooperation with UNIVERSAL – precise, cooperative, successful.”

Christof Rek
Managing Partner, Ingenieursozietät Rek, Wieck & Dr. Schwenk

“In UNIVERSAL Real Estate Associates, we have found a partner for complex technical and constructional tasks – a partner who focuses on the overall profitability of projects.”

Dr. Hartmut Kalleja
Managing Partner, Specht, Kalleja + Partner Beratende Ingenieure GmbH

“As a business partner of UNIVERSAL, I know that openness and reliability are actually practised as a business philosophy. This makes great results possible.”

Christian Berger
Managing Director, Münchner Grund Immobilien Bauträger GmbH

“UNIVERSAL Associates are characterized by competence, honesty and reliability. An ideal basis for our efficient and enjoyable cooperation.”

Harald Müller
Managing Partner, BMP Immobilienentwicklung Berlin GmbH

“With respect to the persons acting for UNIVERSAL, their knowledge of our bank’s internal processes helps them to implement them into project planning and scheduling. Our cooperation is thus very smooth and unerringly targeted.”

Thomas Kurzmann
General Manager Customer Care Real Estate Financing, VB Real Estate Services GmbH (ÖVAG)

“Our maxim “Don’t think in templates, think outside the box” enables perfectly customised solutions, which are consequently excellent. Our relationship is so fruitful because the people at UNIVERSAL Associates feel the same way.”

Christopher Seagon
Partner, Wellensiek Rechtsanwälte


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